The iconic Hubble Space Telescope has developed a glitch yet again and has entered ‘safe mode’ suspending scientific operation. The iconic but ageing piece of technology has needed constant repairs in recent years underlining need for new eye in the sky.

Hubble’s safe mode allows the telescope to remain powered using its solar panels as scientists figure out ways to address the issue.

“The Hubble operations team is continuing work to resolve the issue that caused Hubble’s science instruments to enter safe mode Oct. 25. They are analyzing existing data and collecting additional data to further isolate and address the issue,” NASA tweeted on Tuesday.

Hubble has been facing trouble since October 23 due to synchronisation errors. NASA says that synchronisation messages are necessary to provide “information the instruments use to correctly respond to data requests and commands.”

Scientists were able to rectify the problem after October 23 glitch by resetting the instruments on the space telescope but the problem occurred again on October 25.

Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990 to eliminate problems we face in observing the universe from the Earth’s surface.

This is not the first time Hubble has developed problems. Hubble’s payload computer malfunctioned in June this year and the space telescope entered safe mode.

James Webb Telescope, a successor to Hubble is all set to be launched into space next month. The telescope is armed with the latest technology and will be able to observe the universe in much better way than Hubble currently does. It is expected that Hubble will be able to aid space research for a decade more.