The rechargeable brush has only just been released but already been dubbed ‘the best thing ever’

It’s universally accepted there’s no harder place to clean than the window tracks. Only slightly beating the frustrating limescale-prone area surrounding the tap, the oven and let’s not forget tile grout.

But it appears the days of trying, and usually failing, to clean hard-to-reach areas is over. And that’s all thanks to a new Kmart cleaning gadget.

Step forward Kmart’s new Rechargeable Cleaning Brush. What it lacks in an innovative name, it makes up for in array of different attachments that do all the hard work and scrubbing for you.

And despite only just being released into limited Kmart stores across Australia, it has already got shoppers in a justifiable spin.

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Handheld brush gun beats grim. Source: @RefinedLiving/TikTok

Kmart cleaning gadget gets rid of mould

A TikTok video by @refinedliving shows the gadget at work, easily cleaning window sills, oven trays, showers and limescale around taps.

“I got this from Kmart for $30 and it’s the best thing ever,” she says in the video. “It is super powerful and waterproof and gets into places you can’t reach.”

Then she adds, “It got rid of all the mould and limescale.”

It wasn’t long before the video attracted a flurry of comments, with many saying they’d recently made the same purchase at their local Kmart.

“I found it in the section near the mops and household stuff are,” said one.

Another added, “I got one at Kmart Ellenbrook, WA, this week for $29. I haven’t used it yet but looks good!”

“I found it in the section near the mops and household stuff are,” admiteted another.

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Cleans out window tracks. Source: @RefinedLiving/TikTok

‘No way, is this going to clean in window tracks?’

Most seemed impressed with how easily it appeared to whip away dirt and grim from in window tracks. 

“No way, is this going to clean in window tracks? That will be a game changer,” one said.

“SOLD! I’m heading to Kmart this evening!” another added.

However, not everyone was able to nab the cleaning brush, with many voicing their disappointment that it hadn’t yet been released online.

“It’s not on their website,” said one.

“I need it,” added another.

Cleans out window tracks. Source: @RefinedLiving/TikTok

Cleans out window tracks. Source: @RefinedLiving/TikTok

New Kmart cleaning cult buy

The Rechargeable Cleaning Brush is hardly the first of Kmart’s products to go from zero to hero in super speedy time.

In January, a hand-held steam cleaner was celebrated for its flawless ability to life dirt and grim from the floor but only cost $25.

There’s also been Kmart’s $30 electric window vacuum that was not only able to wash windows but sucked away the dirty water for streak-free cleanness.

And let’s not forget the $89 Kmart 1200W Upright Vacuum which was labelled by devotees as “better than a dyson”.